All changes and updates made to since release
February 20th 2022
  • Initial release of the redesigned website, including four all-new Implant Options pages, Live Chat support on all practice pages, separated navigation for patients and dentists, and dozens of other foundational elements for some major upcoming releases
  • Implant Options pages, including Single-Tooth Implants, DentureSnap, DentureLok, and DentureLok Plus, help patients identify each of DentureLok's major service options by name. Each page also directs to a comparison page, where patients can understand the positives, the negatives, and the differences between each Implant Option.
  • Live Chat support is now available on-demand on each practice page. This support will help patients who have questions related to online booking or who need help scheduling their consultations. This additional support channel should reduce call volumes and improve conversion rates for every DentureLok practice.
  • The navigation has been separated between patients and dentists to provide a clearer distinction between links meant for each party. This change also increases the number of navigation links we can offer to 36 (up from 15), including separate call-to-action buttons within the navigation drawers.
  • Many other changes have been made in this release, many of which are not immediately visible but have been implemented for future releases. One major change you see in this release is the site's updated color palette. In order to differentiate the DentureLok brand from some of our closest competitors, the palette now includes some vibrant shades of green, particularly on the call-to-action buttons.

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